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Texas Yoga Conference February 17-19, 2017
Executive Director
Jennifer Buergermeister 713-839-9642
Assistant to the Executive Director
Christine Pfeffer 832-567-5687
Registration Guru
Angela Dunne
Vendor/Sponsor Liaison & Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Buergermeister 713-539-7418
Webmaster: Vira Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a yoga conference?

Unlike a dentistry conference or a lawyers’ conference or any other things you associate with professional conferences, this isn’t really a conference in the traditional sense. It’s a yoga retreat and a yoga party. Basically, a yoga conference gathers the best yoga teachers it can, teaching their best classes for the masses. Yes, there are lectures and presentations for those seeking continuing education, but for a beginner, there’s just lots of yoga to do. It is a great way to learn more about yoga and to try out various styles and teachers. It’s two whole days of some of the most amazing yoga you can find anywhere, all in one place. It’s a rare treat to have one of these in your town/state.

Who should attend a yoga conference?

Anyone and everyone. Yoga is for everybody! First and foremost, these things are fun! And there is something for every level, from inversions and arm-balances for those more experienced yogis, to restorative, yin and introductory classes for those either learning the yoga ropes or for those who don’t want a high energy yoga class. There is yoga for runners/athletes and yoga for kids. It’s truly a family affair. You can take several challenging classes in a row pushing your edges, or you could take a challenging class, shower, attend a lecture, eat lunch, shop with our sponsors and take a relaxing class in the afternoon. Your schedule is up to you and there are lots of options to choose from. You can top off your day with live music and dancing with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band on Friday and MC Yogi on Saturday.

How is this better than yoga class?

It’s like a whole weekend of that blissful post-yoga feeling. Your yoga class is your foundation, and a yoga conference is a celebration of your practice. You could think of it as like a Mardi Gras for yoga. It is also an opportunity to practice with teachers from other states and cities who rarely travel to Houston. Check out all of the amazing presenters here

Won’t I be tired/sore?

On the contrary, you will be energized by the good vibrations. OK, maybe you will be a little tired, but in a good way.

What if I can only go part of the day?

We have half-day and full day passes available. We encourage everyone to go for two full days to maximize their experience, but if you cannot, we can accommodate you.

It seems expensive. Why should I spend so much on a yoga conference?

If you compare this to a spa package, it is cheap. And you will feel even better and more blissed out afterwards. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and connect to your local yoga community. Yoga in Texas is growing exponentially and that growth is sparking real change. Come and indulge yourself in this experience. You won’t regret it.